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Happy New Year!

January 7, 2021

One week into the new year and one week into the dollar-mile pledge. We kicked it off with a surprisingly professional presentation (kudos to Ben for his Keynote skills). We gave the presentation to 14 of our dearest friends and there was enough enthusiasm to warrant our first ever annual beer mile. All odds were defied; everyone finished in under 15 minutes and only one runner baby-birded his PBR to the woods.

So there you have it, on the first day of year we raised 6 dollars as part of a drinking game. Since then we’ve taken different strategies, Ben is going for the 1-2 mile runs daily and I’m shooting for a longer run every other day. We’re each hitting our goal of averaging 1 mile per day so the first week has officially been a success.

My favorite discovery of this whole venture is starting to use Strava and discovering that it shows you a map of your run. Not only are you 1) getting exercise 2) giving to charity but 3) you get to be an artist if you’re feeling inclined. Time to see what sort of creations can be run in Boston!

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