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Week 1 - it's happening

January 11, 2021

All I can think as I scroll through my STRAVA feed of ~7 others is - do they know what their run looks like!? I ran every day last week... and fast! I felt pretty good and got to have fun looking at my friends' runs too. They're faster.

  1. On Sunday we donated for the first time. $60.76 to ALS research. Sam and I had joked about worst case scenario back in December. If only he and I do this, if we only manage to run a mile a day, at the very least we'll raise 300 bucks. Anyone getting the urge to think a little bigger now?

  2. A good friend missed the New Years Launch due to COVID concerns and we got to chat over the weekend. Sam and I ran back the presentation and we even sang Afternoon Delight in a would-have-been-perfect-without-the-lag three part unison/harmony blend. The call contained few, but impactful, wise words and this will be the second time we end a note to the ODPM peeps with this stolen token of encouragement. Written on our foreheads as a tool to mold your excitement about how damn far you're gonna donate to ALS research and how many dollars their gonna run.

"Keep it simple, don't blow it, count your miles." - Angus 'Beefcake' Reid-Kay

Let's run far this week! One Dollar Per Mile.

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